Struggling with depression can be overwhelming in your life, both personally and professionally. However, the latest technology in mental health treatment can make all the difference in putting you on the right path. With TMS therapy for depression in South Tampa, you can regain control of your life. South Tampa Psychiatry services can become the foundation to a successful recovery over mental illness.

What is TMS Therapy for Depression?What is TMS therapy for depression? Learn more about TMS therapy in South Tampa overall.

Before entering a program, it’s important to fully understand the process and its benefits. Specifically, TMS therapy is transcranial magnetic stimulation. This is a non-invasive procedure without the need for anesthesia. A professional specialist will be there to ensure your safety at all times. This is a TMS therapy program Tampa FL residents can come to trust.

Overall, this procedure introduces magnetic pulses to the brain. The specialist will focus those pulses on the part of the brain that requires stimulation. This is all possible through neurofeedback therapy, which tells us which area is influencing your depression the most. As a part of mental health and addiction treatment therapy in FL, neurofeedback is instrumental in recognizing patterns of behaviors and issues stemming from brain activity.

You will wear a cap with an electromagnetic coil. The coil delivers these pulses to improve your mood regulation. However, it’s common to have minor headaches after each treatment. The TMS therapy for depression in South Tampa can have minor side effects but is proven to be very helpful in your overall mental wellbeing.

Mental Health Treatment Along with TMS Therapy in South Tampa

Did you know that TMS therapy for depression will not completely cure your mental illness without a combination of modalities? Therefore, you will need further treatment along with TMS therapy in South Tampa. For example, these may include:

If you are struggling with depression and addiction, then dual diagnosis may be necessary. This will treat both the addiction and mental illness simultaneously, as they directly influence one another.

Learn More About TMS Therapy in South Tampa

Are you ready to overcome depression and anxiety in your life? If so, TMS therapy for depression in South Tampa can help you reinvent your life. For more information, reach out today at 866-273-5017. Take this opportunity to bring about real change for the better!