Bipolar Disorder Treatment Programs

Bipolar Disorder Treatment Programs in Florida.Bipolar disorder affects nearly three percent of the American population. However, in today’s society, this number is ever rising. With effective bipolar disorder treatment programs, you can live a regular, healthy lifestyle with excitement and joy.

In fact, the key to improving your mental health is recognizing you have a problem in the first place. Many people fail to seek help because they believe they do not need it. This is, without a doubt, a huge mistake. Making a commitment to getting better is the biggest step you must take. Once you enter treatment, you can begin to see positive changes and a better outlook on life. In fact, you may need a dual diagnosis treatment center with addiction therapy services, such as:

What Is Bipolar Disorder?

Specifically, bipolar disorder is a mental health disorder that causes dramatic, and sometimes intense, shifts in an individual’s mood, thoughts, and energy levels. The ability to think clearly can go out the window during an episode.

Moreover, bipolar disorder leads these individuals into high and low moods of mania and depression. The high moods of mania include periods where the individual will take unusual risks, become more reckless, and behave impulsively. Bipolar disorder treatment programs will help you recognize these behaviors and make positive changes.

With bipolar depression, these low moods can be so difficult to manage that the individual can struggle to do just about anything. For example, getting out of bed can be nearly impossible during this time. This is when the individual struggles with emotions and feelings, such as personal failure, guilt, or helplessness.

Symptoms of manic and hypomanic episodes of bipolar disorder include:

  • Feeling upbeat or jumpy
  • An increased amount of energy or agitation
  • Sense of euphoria of well-being and confidence
  • Racing thoughts
  • Easily distracted
  • Abnormally talkative
  • Poor decision making

It’s also important to realize that suicidal thoughts are commonly present in those with bipolar disorder, especially during stages of mania. Without proper bipolar disorder treatment programs, most individuals will find it hard to cope with mania or depression episodes in a positive manner.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment Programs in Tampa, Florida

Are you in need of bipolar disorder treatment programs in Tampa, Florida? If so, you have come to the right place. Tampa is home to some of the highest quality mental health doctors in the world today. In addition, the city is also known for its world-renowned addiction treatment specialists. From Dr. Derek Robben to Dr. Jamie Fernandez, you can enter treatment knowing you are in good hands.

Dr. Robben is Tampa Magazine’s top addiction psychiatrist for the past four years, while Dr. Fernandez was recognized as the top psychiatrist in the Tampa Bay area. Our specialists improve symptoms in the different types of bipolar disorder, including cyclothymic disorder and both type I and II bipolar disorders.

If you are struggling with bipolar disorder, it’s important to seek professional help. The decision to find treatment can make all the difference in your ability to move forward in life.

Overcome Bipolar Disorder With the Right Help

You don’t have to struggle each and every day due to bipolar disorder. In fact, the best bipolar disorder treatment programs are available in Tampa, Florida. Treatment programs at South Tampa Psychiatry include:

  • TMS therapy for bipolar disorder to treat symptoms
  • Medication management for correct doses
  • Psychotherapy to discuss problems and symptoms
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to change negative thought patterns

For more information about these programs, contact us today by calling 866.273.5017. Our licensed psychiatrists are ready to improve your life by reducing symptoms of any mental health disorder.