What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Are you struggling with an addiction and any underlying mental health disorder? If so, dual diagnosis care can change your life for the better. Dual diagnosis treatment centers in Tampa, FL can help your overall wellness and wellbeing.

Dual diagnosis treatment improves your quality of life by treating addiction and mental health disorders at the same time. If you are unsure about underlying issues to addiction or substance abuse, reach out to our licensed psychiatrists for a dual diagnosis assessment.

Understanding Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Tampa FL.Before seeking substance abuse treatment, it’s vital that you actually understand what dual diagnosis is. Specifically, dual diagnosis is the term for when a person experiences a substance abuse problem and a mental illness simultaneously. This may include multiple substances or mental health concerns.

These issues can directly influence one another. For example, an addiction can spur on a mental health disorder, while a mental illness can lead to an addiction as a form of coping or self-medication. When you treat one without the other, the untreated problem may spurn the treated issue back into play. If the addiction receives treatment, but the mental illness doesn’t, then the mental illness may force you back into abusing drugs or alcohol. This is where mental health and addiction treatment programs in Tampa, FL can help you.

Addiction is a disease, not a choice. This disease can be due to many underlying factors. However, it’s very common for addiction to be a direct result of an undiagnosed mental health problem. In fact, the risks of developing a substance use disorder after experiencing symptoms of a mental health disorder greatly increase. The same is true with experiences of substance abuse increasing the chances of developing a mental health disorder.

Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Tampa, FL

No two facilities are the same. Moreover, the staff on-hand will vary in their expertise. To find the best dual diagnosis treatment centers in Tampa, FL, you first must recognize exactly what it is you are looking for and need. Just as no two facilities are the same, neither is an addiction or mental health disorder. Each and every individual will face different experiences with their addiction and mental health problems. Therefore, it’s important to find a dual diagnosis treatment center that meets your specific needs.

The professionals at the best dual diagnosis treatment centers should be licensed, experienced, and specialized in mental health treatment. The centers themselves should be welcoming, relaxing, and HIPAA compliant.

The “one-size-fits-all” generic, basic program approach is rarely successful in the field today. For example, you will need a wide range of addiction therapy services and programs at your disposal, including:

With a combination of modalities, you can begin to see a real change in your life. This dual diagnosis treatment will treat both issues as they directly correlate to one another, giving you the best chance at a successful recovery with a positive outlook for the future.

Find Your Recovery at South Tampa Psychiatry

If you are suffering from addiction, you may also be dealing with symptoms of an underlying mental health disorder. Make a step toward finding the right treatment programs with a dual diagnosis assessment. Contact South Tampa Psychiatry to find the best individualized dual diagnosis treatment program to improve your recovery.

Take this opportunity to reach out to our experienced staff now at 866.273.5017. The best dual diagnosis treatment centers in Tampa, FL will give you a new lease on life with a healthy, exciting future ahead of you.