tms therapy for anxietyAre you looking for relief for anxiety & depression? South Tampa Psychiatry offers TMS therapy for anxiety. This type of anxiety treatment is non-invasive and FDA approved. There are also no systematic side effects. By undergoing TMS therapy, our patients have experienced positive result with a significant reduction in anxiety.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a revolutionary, safe treatment for anxiety that requires no surgery, no discomfort, and no medical prescriptions. If you are suffering from anxiety or depression, then we can work with you to determine if TMS is your best option. Our goal is to improve your quality of life while boosting your mood.

How TMS Works

During a TMS session, we place an electromagnetic coil against the front of your forehead. The electromagnet produces a magnetic pulse that stimulates the nerve cells in your cerebral cortex. These cells are what regulate your mood. The device activates these cells and eases the symptoms of anxiety.

While much research still has yet to be done as to how the electromagnet works, several studies have revealed that it positively impacts brain activity. The result is that you notice a significant improvement in your mood. There are several ways to perform this procedure. The more we learn about TMS, the better we get at performing the procedure.

If you suffer from both anxiety and depression, TMS therapy for depression and anxiety offers relief.

Why TMS Therapy for Anxiety Over Other Forms of Treatment

TMS has clear advantages over other types of treatment for anxiety, including:

  • Will Not Disturb Your Normal Routine- A single 20 to 30-minute session per day is all that is required to complete each treatment. You can schedule an early session or come on your lunch break. After each session is complete, you can go back to your daily routine without interruption.
  • Say Goodbye to Lifelong Medication – Many patients who undergo TMS see the results they are looking for without resorting to anxiety medication. You do not have to worry about becoming dependent on a drug for the rest of your life.
  • Private, Confidential Sessions – When you walk into the clinic at South Tampa Psychiatry, you can feel confident that your sessions are private and confidential. We offer a caring and non-judgmental environment where you can relax and be yourself.
  • Minimal Side Effects – Once you decide to engage in TMS therapy, we will perform a complete assessment to ensure that you are the right candidate. Once you are approved, then you can undergo treatment with minimal side effects. You will experience positive results.
  • Improve Your Cognitive Function- Anxiety and depression can take its toll over time. You may have difficulty remembering things, focusing, or staying on task. TMS can improve your cognitive function and enhance your performance at work.

TMS Side Effects

Like any other treatment, there are some side effects of using TMS therapy for anxiety in Tampa FL. Some of the most common side effects that clients report include:

  • Headaches
  • Some discomfort in the scalp
  • Tingling, spasms, or twitching in the muscles around your face
  • Feeling a bit dizzy or lightheaded

Keep in mind that these side effects are rare. Even if they do occur, they are mild and pass quickly. We can adjust the level of stimulation that you receive to reduce the side effects. Regardless of the side effects, TMS is still safer than most medications you take for depression.

Schedule a TMS Session at South Tampa Psychiatry

If you are tired of feeling depressed or anxious all of the time, then treatment is available at South Tampa Psychiatry. TMS therapy for anxiety offers an alternative to medication. To find out more about TMS therapy for anxiety, contact us at 866.273.5017.