doctor talking with woman about the MAT Program Near Largo FLAcross the country, millions of individuals are battling mental health conditions and substance abuse. Sadly, few of them do not find the treatment that they require to enter recovery. When you’re looking for medication-assisted treatment near Largo, FL, you have many options. However, South Tampa Psychiatry’s programs for addiction, depression, and anxiety can help you recover from your condition.

When you come to the mental health and substance abuse treatment programs at South Tampa Psychiatry, you’ll find mental health treatment solutions that include medication to control your symptoms. With our mental health experts’ help and their prescribed treatments, you’ll find that it’s easier to control your symptoms. For more information about the treatment programs available at South Tampa Psychiatry, contact us at 866.273.5017 today.

The Need for Medication-Assisted Treatment Near Largo, FL

Many individuals who are battling mental health conditions and substance abuse need more assistance than just traditional talk therapy. For these individuals, medication-assisted treatment near Largo, FL is an excellent treatment option. This option reduces the effects of mental health conditions and withdrawal symptoms, allowing you to effectively manage your condition. When you reach out to South Tampa Psychiatry, we may tell you that you only need medication for a short period of time, after which we will wean you off of the medicine. Conversely, you might benefit from a long term medication treatment program. We’ll make this decision based on a variety of determinants, such as your history of mental health conditions, the severity of your condition, and your symptoms.

Medication-assisted treatment can offer reduced symptoms for a range of mental health symptoms. In addition, for long-term recovery, the experts at South Tampa Psychiatry will provide medication-assisted treatment in conjunction with a variety of therapeutic options. At our treatment center, we offer a wide range of evidence-based treatment options, including:

Using these treatments, in combination with medication-assisted treatment near Largo, FL, can allow you to manage your depression, anxiety, or addiction symptoms.

Conditions That Can Benefit From MAT

At South Tampa Psychiatry, we offer a variety of evidence-based treatment options for those battling mental health conditions. We offer medication-assisted treatment programs for a broad spectrum of conditions, including:

  • Substance abuse disorders: Battling addiction can feel overwhelming. However, it’s important to get treatment as soon as possible. With our MAT programs, you can enter into long-term recovery.
  • Anxiety disorders: When you’re ladened down by an anxiety disorder, the constant worry and anxiety attacks can leave you debilitated. However, with the treatment options available at South Tampa Psychiatry, you can reduce these symptoms.
  • Bipolar disorder: When you’re facing extreme shifts in moods, energy, and thoughts, you may continuously feel off-balance and unsteady. With our medication-assisted treatment options for bipolar disorder, you can regain your equilibrium and move into ordinary life.
  • Depression: Those who are feeling sad, hopeless, or apathetic over long periods of time need to seek treatment as soon as possible. Our treatment programs can provide you with long-term relief from your severe symptoms.

In addition to these excellent treatment programs, we also offer dual diagnosis medication-assisted treatment. These programs address two or more conditions concurrently, lessening the likelihood of relapse. With the help of dual diagnosis treatment, you can overcome both conditions simultaneously.

Contact South Tampa Psychiatry For Treatment Options

Don’t allow your mental illness or substance abuse to prevent you from living a wonderful life. With MAT near Largo, FL, you can recover from your condition with the support and care you require. For more information about how our treatment programs can assist you, contact South Tampa Psychiatry at 866.273.5017 today.