doctor discussing the MAT Program Near Clearwater FL with manIf you are looking for a MAT program near Clearwater, South Tampa Psychiatry’s medication-assisted treatment for depression, anxiety, and addiction can help. Many people struggle with mental health disorders across the country, but not all find effective treatments.

At South Tampa Psychiatry, we provide a viable solution for mental health disorders that respond to medication. Using closely monitored medications prescribed by our psychiatrists, the overwhelming feelings of depression and anxiety subside.

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When symptoms of substance use disorders stop you from enjoying your life, it’s time to try something new. South Tampa Psychiatry therapists serve the residents of Clearwater with mental illnesses at our Tampa location. Medication-assisted treatment helps alleviate symptoms of mental illness so you can enjoy life again.

MAT Program for Clearwater Residents

When you need more than traditional therapies, medication management has proven beneficial. Medication for substance abuse and other mental illnesses reduces mild to severe symptoms. They also reduce the chances of relapse by blocking the euphoric effects of certain drugs. The top psychiatrists at South Tampa Psychiatry work to improve your quality of life.

Find relief from any of the following symptoms of mental health disorders:

  • Hopelessness
  • Apathy or general discontent
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Loss of interest in once enjoyed activities
  • Excessive sadness
  • Mood swings

Medication-assisted treatment programs work best when working alongside therapy programs. It can also be combined with TMS therapy for anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. The results found by residents of Clearwater who make the trips to South Tampa Psychiatry are more than worth it.

Choosing Mental Health Treatment Near Clearwater

Located about 45 minutes Southeast of Clearwater, South Tampa Psychiatry is the place to go for the best mental health treatment. Traveling to Tampa for a MAT program affords extra confidentiality and time away from normal anxiety or depression triggers.

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At South Tampa Psychiatry, we provide a range of mental health services for those suffering from disorders, such as mood and substance abuse disorders. Our services include:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment – Co-occurring disorders, such as depression and substance use disorder, are best treated at the same time. Dual diagnosis treatment addresses issues of both disorders to prevent relapses.
  • Anxiety treatment programs – Anxiety disorders can bring crippling fears and anxiety attacks. With the right combination of therapy, psychiatry, and TMS therapy, these symptoms subside.
  • Bipolar disorder treatment programs – A rising number of people are experiencing intense shifts of moods, thoughts, and energy levels. Effective bipolar disorder treatment brings back a life of excitement, joy, and comfort.
  • Depression treatment programs – Major depressive disorder, postpartum depression, and many more types of depression need to be addressed immediately. Depression treatment prevents severe symptoms like thoughts and attempts of suicide.
  • Substance abuse treatment programs – It is never too late to seek help for drug or alcohol addiction. Our psychiatrists treat the underlying reasons behind substance abuse to prevent relapse.

No matter the symptoms you are experiencing, you can find help. The compassionate psychiatrists at South Tampa Psychiatry can help you overcome mental health disorders and addiction. Call 866.273.5017 to speak with our team about therapy for yourself or a loved one.

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South Tampa Psychiatry provides quality and diverse therapy programs for Clearwater residents. Our team of therapists and psychiatrists have the experience, training, and specialization to treat a variety of mental health disorders.

Contact us with any questions regarding areas of specialty or our therapy services offered. Call 866.273.5017 today to speak with our team about medication-assisted treatment in Florida. Don’t let a mental illness hold you back any longer.