therapist smiling at client at the MAT program near Brandon FLAre you looking for medication-assisted treatment near Brandon, FL? If so, South Tampa Psychiatry’s treatment program for addiction, anxiety, and depression may help you. Many individuals across the country are battling mental health conditions. However, many do not find the effective treatment they need.

When you come to South Tampa Psychiatry, you’ll find viable mental illness solutions that include the MAT program near Brandon, FL. With the help of medicines that our mental health experts prescribe and closely monitor, you’ll find that your mental health and substance abuse conditions will quickly subside. For more information about our treatment programs, contact South Tampa Psychiatry at 866.273.5017 today.

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Brandon, FL Residents

Medication management is a beneficial treatment for individuals who need more than traditional talk therapy. This treatment allows you to lessen the effects of mental illness. It also allows you to manage your condition effectively. When you come to South Tampa Psychiatry, our staff will determine whether you need consistent medication for a short period of time to relieve your symptoms, or whether you’d benefit from a long-term medication program. We make this determination based on a range of factors, including your symptoms, severity, and history of mental illness.

A medication-assisted treatment program can provide relief from a range of mental health conditions, such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • ADHD

For the best results, your treatment provider should provide medication-assisted treatment alongside a range of therapeutic modalities. They may also use other treatment modalities, such as trans-magnetic stimulation (TMS), to manage your anxiety, depression, or addiction. Brandon, FL residents who have sought treatment at South Tampa Psychiatry understand our treatment programs effectively give them relief.

Services We Provide for Mental Wellness

We’re proud to provide a range of evidence-based treatment programs for those suffering from mental health conditions at South Tampa Psychiatry. Our wide range of treatment programs include:

  • Bipolar disorder treatment programs: Across the country, the number of people battling extreme mood shifts, changes of thoughts, and levels of energy. With the help of effective disorder treatment, we can give you the tools you need to balance yourself out and maintain a relatively normal life.
  • Anxiety treatment programs: If you’re struggling with anxiety, you know that it can bring crippling anxiety attacks and debilitating fears. Fortunately, with therapy options such as TMS therapy, we can help you reduce your symptoms.
  • Depression treatment programs: Whether you’re facing postpartum depression, major depressive disorder, or another type of depression, you need immediate treatment. With the treatment options available at South Tampa Psychiatry, we can help you find relief from your severe symptoms.
  • Substance abuse treatment programs: If you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, it’s not too late to seek treatment. Our treatment experts can help you determine why you began using substances, which can reduce the likelihood of relapse in the future.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment: If you’re battling two or more of the conditions we address at South Tampa Psychiatry, we can address them simultaneously. Concurrent treatment of both conditions lessens the likelihood of relapse and gives you the skills you need to enjoy your life again.

Don’t let your mental health condition prevent you from loving your life. You can find the relief you need at South Tampa Psychiatry.

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Medication-assisted treatment near Brandon, FL doesn’t have to be challenging to find. When you contact South Tampa Psychiatry, you know you’re getting the care you need. With our caring treatment staff’s help, you can recover from your condition and gain the skills you need to maintain your recovery in the future. To learn more about your treatment options, contact South Tampa Psychiatry today at 866.273.5017.