Start living a better life today with TMS Therapy in Tampa, FL

Start living a better life
today with TMS
Therapy in Tampa, FL


We partner with the nation’s leading insurance providers so that you can enter treatment without any financial burdens or stress.

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TMS Therapy For Depression

TMS therapy is transcranial magnetic stimulation. This is a non-invasive procedure without the need for anesthesia. A professional specialist will be there to ensure your safety at all times.

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TMS Therapy For Addiction

With our help, you can overcome the challenges of addiction without fears of relapse in the future. The goal of treatment is to first rid your body of the substance in question.

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TMS Therapy For Anxiety

Mental health awareness is becoming an ever-growing movement in the United States. This is great to see as more people begin to understand the benefits of good mental health.

What We Treat

Our team has the experience, expertise, and training to treat a wide variety of mental health problems, such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and co-occurring disorders.


Mental Health

At BoardPrep’s South Tampa Psychiatry, we provide a wide range of mental health programs, such as our depression treatment program. Moreover, we also have anxiety treatment programs and bipolar disorder treatment programs.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis is the treatment of both an addiction and any underlying mental illnesses. In many cases, an addiction and mental illness can directly, and negatively, influence one another. Therefore, it’s important to address both issues simultaneously.

Don’t Let A Mental Illness Hold You Back in Life.

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