man learn about how beneficial Medical Assisted Treatment is

How Beneficial is Medical Assisted Treatment

Medical assisted treatment (MAT) is a type of tool that can help you see significant improvement in your recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Medical and medication, assisted treatment may help improve your chances of overcoming addiction and limiting relapse risks. Our team at South Tampa Psychiatry offers this type of treatment to many of…

woman noticed her co occurring disorders

How to Notice Co-Occurring Disorders

Many people with drug or alcohol addiction also have mental health disorders. These conditions may include depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder. When both conditions are present, a person must receive therapy for both mental health and addiction at the same time. This means treating co-occurring disorders with comprehensive care. That’s something our team at…

a doctor discusses a mat program near st petersburg fl with a patient

Medical Assisted Program near St Petersburg, FL

Is a medical or medication-assisted treatment program help you overcome your substance use disorder? For men and women struggling with addiction, finding the right type of therapy can be essential but nearly impossible to do. A MAT program near St. Petersburg, FL, is available to you at South Tampa Psychiatry. Allow our professionals to provide…

Woman is relaxed because of tms therapy for depression near plant city,fl.

TMS Therapy for Depression Near Plant City FL

Millions of people across the United States today are battling depression, leaving them feeling ashamed, sad, or hopeless. In many cases, once you receive a depression diagnosis, the mental health treatment expert will provide medication, therapy, or a combination of these treatments to help you manage your symptoms. However, in some circumstances, these treatment methods…

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Medication-Assisted Treatment Near Plant City, FL

MAT or medication-assisted treatment programs are beneficial for many individuals who are battling mental health conditions or addiction. This treatment option can reduce the discomfort of your symptoms and make it possible to stay in recovery for more extended periods of time. Medication-assisted treatment is an ideal choice if you’re struggling with mental health conditions…